World of saunas

Finnish sauna, bio-sauna, Roman sauna, steam bath, caldarium, Tyrolean sauna, Turkish bath, stone and fire sauna, herb sauna…a symphony of unique thrills and sensations, that rejuvenate the spirit and remain on your skin for a long time.

Water in all it forms

For Vita Nova Hotels & Resorts, water is the most precious element… that is used in all its possible forms: indoor and outdoor pools, heated baths, kneipp courses, spa baths, water jets and special revitalizing and tropical showers.

Oasis of relaxation

Indispensable water beds, relaxing green havens in the garden, areas for music therapy and aromatherapy, vital corners with fresh and dried fruit, juices, green tea and depurifying, draining and relaxing herbal infusions. So the feeling of wellness will never leave you.


The Vita Nova Hotels & Resorts provide fitness services for their guests. Among these, you can find: muscle warm ups, stretching, aqua gym, technogym, personal trainers and many other ways to stay fit.

Hotel&Resort Vita Nova

Find out your spa hotel!

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