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SAPORI DEL BENESSERE “Taste of Wellness”

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PERIOD07.06.2014 - 31.12.2015
length8 days
Number of persons1

SAPORI DEL BENESSERE “Taste of Wellness”

When we eat then we are strengthening our temple: the body and the mind with Felicetti, MieliThun, Strade del Vino Trentino and the Vita Nova Hotels & Resorts. A one-week holiday in Trentino to discover the “Sapori del Benessere”.


The travel package includes:

  • 2 spa treatments Vita Nova
  • 1 visit with tasting one of the producers and wineries along the Strada del Vino Trentino (Trentino wine route)
  • 1 Bag with 250g Felicetti Pasta Felicetti
  • 1 visit with tasting at the beekeeper MieliThun
  • 1 discount on your purchase of an exquisite selection of honey in the store MieliThun
  • 1 dinner “Sapori del Benessere” in a Vita Nova Hotel & Resort: Pasta with Monograno Felicetti and a tasty morsel of MieliThun honeys and 2 glasses of wine “Strada Vino Trentino”

Offer conditions

Hotel & Resort 3/3s stars from 420.00€/person*

Hotel & Resort 4/4s star from 504.00€/person*

Hotel & Resort 5 stars from 665,00€/person*

* Prices and the validity of the offer are approximate and may vary, also according to the category of the facility. Each structure is free to define the validity of the offer and the prices are according to the valid price list. For more information, contact the desired device.

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